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0000051The Dark ModCodingpublic24.06.2008 02:32
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Summary0000051: Lightgem state changes based on player action
DescriptionJust a reminder entry.

Lightgem changes for:
-walking (slight increase over standing still)
-running (bigger increase over standing still)
-crouching (slight decrease over uncrouched state)
-weapon drawn (slight increase over sheathed state)

Any others?
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01.05.2008 07:14

administrator   ~0001185

Everything of the above is implemented in the meanwhile. The actual lightgem modifier values can be set on a per-weapon basis (currently this is sword: +5, fire arrow: +20).


02.06.2008 13:40

reporter   ~0001233

For reference:


24.06.2008 02:32

reporter   ~0001358

Closing this out upon implementing it for arrows (base class) and some tweaked values. Further changes should be agreed upon by team consensus so let's carry on in the thread (linked previously).

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