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0005110DarkRadiantScriptingpublic09.10.2020 21:18
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0005110: Exported .ASE models become non-solid
Description.ASE are almost always guaranteed to become non-solid where .LWO sometimes will be solid - at a guess I think this maybe be something to with collision models not being exported..?
Steps To Reproduce- Open DR.
- Go into Orthoview.
- Select the item/s you want to export as a single model.
- Go to file menu and select 'Export selected as model'>
-- select center objects around origin.
-- skip surfaces with caulk.
-- replace selected with model.
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06.01.2020 21:03




06.01.2020 23:12

reporter   ~0012099

Just did a test export in 2.7pre2 and now both .ASE and .LWO models are solid in-game, yet not 2 days ago the same prceedure resulted in a non-solid .ASE model in the new area I am working on.


07.01.2020 03:07

administrator   ~0012100

So the problem is not occurring anymore? Could this possibly have been caused by dmapping problems? I've had this in the past, where the dmap would just fail and loading the map would use the outdated collision model.


07.01.2020 07:28

reporter   ~0012104

Let me continue to test it, as it was never fixed in 2.6 as I have loads of .LWO/ASE models in this map that are all non-solid. I will see if rexporting ones that the Ai/Player interactive with then become solid and I will come back to you.


12.01.2020 12:38

reporter   ~0012132

Did some more testing and annoying not all models are affected (as in become non solid) -

In my instance I have selected a bunch of different models and export them as a single .ASE model, here are some of the models that were exported the sing;le model - -

models/darkmod/furniture/tables/table_tavern01.lwo - SOLID
models/darkmod/furniture/shelves/winerack.ase - SOLID
models/darkmod/furniture/shelves/wall_shelf_tall01.lwo - SOLID

models/darkmod/kitchen/stove_small.lwo - NON-SOLID
models/darkmod/kitchen/skillet01.lwo - NON-SOLID
models/darkmod/kitchen/pot_stove01.lwo - - NON-SOLID

Hopefully this provide enough of a variation in models to explain why some and solid and other not.



12.01.2020 13:04

reporter   ~0012133

Scratch the above solid - non-solid comparison, that was a dmap anomaly.

- Did a re-export above models.
- deleted all generated maps files.
- ran map and in-game models and non-solid again.

Maybe its the conversion from .LWO to .ASE?


05.05.2020 15:40

reporter   ~0012466

@Greebo, would you like me to create a test map with reproducible, on-demand results..?


08.10.2020 09:49

reporter   ~0012794

I have narrowed down the reproducability, but it does seem to happen more on .LWO models.


09.10.2020 21:18

reporter   ~0012808

Let me knock up a test map and post it here.

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