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0005118The Dark ModMappingpublic09.01.2020 16:27
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PlatformOSWindowsOS Version10
Product VersionTDM 2.07 
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Summary0005118: Dmap fails if the map's .script file has an error
DescriptionIf TDM has just been started and the mapper runs testmap or dmap + map, but runs into a popup with a scripting error in his map's .script file that prevents the map from loading, he can fix the scripting error and load the map again. When he loads into the map he sees the following:

The whole screen is covered by a strong closeup of a nearby texture. There's no 'Press attack to start', the player can't move or equip weapons. The light gem still shows.
The only way to fix this is to delete all dmap files, restart TDM, then recompile.

This happens frequently when a mapper changes both his .map and his map's .script, and the mapper has to compile his map a second time to work around this bug.
Steps To ReproduceBug reproduction:
1) Extract the attached archive to darkmod/fms/dmap_script/*
2) Start TDM and install the new FM titled: Dmap fails if error in .script
3) Use console to 'dmap fd', then 'map fd'. You will get a warning that there's an error in the .script.
4) Open fms/dmap_script/maps/fd.script. Change hread to thread in line 9 and save.
5) 'map fd'. You will see a blurry red texture covering the whole screen, won't be able to move etc. as per the description.

To fix:
1) Close down TDM.
2) Delete all files in darkmod/fms/dmap_script/maps except and fd.script
3) Start TDM and 'dmap fd', then 'map fd'. The map now loads properly.
Additional InformationThis has been around at least since TDM 2.04.
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08.01.2020 11:29


dmap_script.pk4 (4,874 bytes)


09.01.2020 16:27

reporter   ~0012121

I noticed that the 'Press attack to start' screen also has that blurry closeup of a texture in the background.
So it looks like what's happening is that the 'Press attack to start' message never shows up, if the mapper follows the above steps (= start TDM -> dmap + map -> script error message).

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