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0005120The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic22.01.2020 01:27
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Summary0005120: Campaigns: make changes to 'Mission Complete' text and sound mission-specific
DescriptionCurrently all missions in a campaign share the same text and sound presented on the 'Mission Complete' screen. As far as I'm aware it's not possible to customise them on a per-mission basis.

Authors of campaigns with non-traditional mission flows (such as in Down by the Riverside, where the player finds himself in a long ordeal) may wish to specify i.e. "2 days pass..." with an ominous tune at the end of mission 1 and "Mission Complete!" with the standard success tune at the end of mission 2.

This would allow the author to better capture the respective mood at the end of each mission, and help communicate that there's another mission to play right away.
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22.01.2020 01:27

reporter   ~0012156

This would be very welcome, if possible to implement.

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