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0005127DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic14.01.2020 03:30
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Summary0005127: Managing favorite resources (entities, textures,...)
DescriptionI spoke with Greebo about getting an all encompassing favorites menu where mappers and can any entity/ model/ or brush group to a favorites menu. I've done a couple quick mock-ups to show what this could look like.

 - This seems like the simplest version for an entity favorites menu where you could select an entity and add it to a favorites folder within the create entity structure.

- This is a more advanced, broader idea where we have a an actual favorites window that pops up. Kind of piggy backing off the layers menu. This would allow you to add anything to it including entities, models, brush groups, func_statics, or prefabs. Im not entirely sure how feasible it would be , but imagine these favorites would be stored in a way where you can access your them across multiple maps within your fm. Color coding and grouping would be a bonus!

dr_favorites3.jpg :
-This is just a better version of what we currently have for textures (which I actually didnt even know about until goldwell told me recently) where the texture favorites are stored in a menu within the thumbnail view of textures.

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