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0005133DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic28.01.2020 04:54
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Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0005133: Replacing brush-based func_static's model spawnarg from the textbox does not remove their primitives
DescriptionIf I select a func_static made out of brushes, e.g. "func_static_1", I see that is both its name and its model. If I click the "Choose Model" button and select a model from the list, I get this message:

"Warning: Changing this entity's model to the selected value will remove all child primitives from it: func_static_1"

When I click "OK", the model is there and the primitives have been deleted.

HOWEVER, I now have the "model models/darkmod/example.lwo" spawnarg in the Entity pane textbox. Much like changing a light's "_color" without having to go into the Light Properties window, I'm thinking here that I can change a func_static's "model" spawnarg without having to go into the Choose Model window. So I click on one, or multiple, brush-based func_statics and I simply hit the checkmark next to the "model models/darkmod/example.lwo" textbox, to apply the new model.

This time I do not get the warning message. Instead, the func_static(s) get the model added to them, BUT their primitives, rather than being deleted, remain alongside the model, inside the func_static entity, and get shifted some distance away from them, apparently depending on the func_static's distance from the world origin.

This is not a visual/viewport bug. Upon replacing a brush-based func_static with a model the "correct" way, the map file size will be decreased, indicating the primitives are indeed gone. The map file size does NOT decrease with this bug, and indeed, one can even see that in the Entity List, our func_static_1 still has a dropdown menu listing all its primitives with the curious addition of the model amongst them, e.g. "Brush, Brush, Brush, Patch, Patch, rug01_large.lwo".
Steps To ReproduceMake a func_static out of brushes.
Move it some ways away from the map's origin, for clearer illustrative purposes.
Type in "model models/darkmod/decorative/rug01_large.lwo" in the entity pane and click the checkmark to replace the func_static's model spawnarg.
The primitives now get displaced. Click and drag the bugged func_static. You will see a very weird behavior in which the primitives will seem to orbit the model based on the proximity to the world origin.
Additional InformationJust to be clear, it's not func_statics per se that are the problem. something like an atdm:mover_door can also have a brush-based model and I would expect that the same bug would manifest in there too.

First encountered in 2.6.0. I've gone ahead and updated to 2.7.0 before submitting the report, to make sure, and the bug persists.
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28.01.2020 04:54

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Thanks for the detailed report!

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