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0005135DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic08.11.2020 18:35
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
OSWindowsOS Version10 
Product Version2.7.0 
Target Version2.8.0Fixed in Version2.8.0 
Summary0005135: Texture Tool: crashes on brush surfaces with texture scale 0
DescriptionIt's possible to use the Surface Inspector (hotkey s) to reduce the horizontal or vertical scale until it reaches 0, which looks very glitchy.
A mapper may make and try to correct this mistake in 2 different ways, both of which cause DR to hang indefinitely.

A) on a normally textured brush surface:
Open both Surface Inspector and Texture Tool -> reduce horizontal or vertical scale to 0 in the Surface Inspector -> undo causes DR to hang

B) on a 0-scale brush surface:
Opening the Texture Tool causes DR to hang
Steps To Reproduce1) Create a brush and give it a texture: textures/darkmod/wood/boards/wood_brown_walnut
2) Ctrl-shift-LMB select a single surface of the brush

Crash variant A:
3) Open Surface Inspector (s) and Texture Tool (ctrl alt t)
4) Use Surface Inspector to reduce horizontal scale in steps until it reaches 0
5) Ctrl + z to undo -> DR hangs

Crash variant B:
3) Open Surface Inspector (s)
4) Use Surface Inspector to reduce horizontal scale in steps until it reaches 0
5) Optional: deselect and do something else in DR
6) With the 0-scale brush surface selected, open the Texture Tool (ctrl alt t) -> DR hangs
Additional InformationFor crash variant A: the Texture Tool has to be open at the moment where the texture scale is set to 0. If the Texture Tool is only opened afterwards, no crash occurs when undoing.
Patches aren't affected, only brushes.

Maybe a decent way to fix this would be to prevent the mapper from reaching 0 scale in the first place: i.e. if the current texture scale is lower than or equal to the step size, do nothing.
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24.03.2020 04:30

administrator   ~0012302

The hang is gone in a20898d0. I'll look into preventing scale factors reaching 0, if that's easily possible.


24.03.2020 04:56

administrator   ~0012303

Turns out that scale values of 0 are prevented already by the code, so the brush in question doesn't really have 0 scale, it's just *very* small. => Won't change anything for the moment being

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DarkRadiant: master a20898d0

2020-03-24 04:28:14


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