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0005142The Dark ModScript/Defpublic11.09.2021 15:53
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005142: Calling scripts via console breaks future saves
DescriptionIt's possible to use the console to call scripts, with the syntax: script name_of_script(); This opens up the potential for addons, for example I wanted to make a script that shows the player a message scroll with their current stealth score and other statistics after pressing a hotkey.

However, any save made after the console was used to call a script will not load, throwing the error message "Couldn't load console".
Steps To Reproduce1) Place the 2 attached files in your /darkmod/script folder. This is a 1-line script that prints "test" to the console.
2) In any map, call the script by pasting the following into the console:
script test_message();
3) Save and then load the save. The save won't load, with the error "Couldn't load console".
Additional InformationForum thread where I wanted to make the script that shows a message with stealth statistics:
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has duplicate 0005755 new Calling script from console ruins saves/loads; says Can't load console 




05.02.2020 16:15


tdm_custom_scripts.script (41 bytes)   
#include "script/tdm_test_message.script"
tdm_custom_scripts.script (41 bytes)   
tdm_test_message.script (143 bytes)   
#ifndef __TDM_TEST_MESSAGE__
#define __TDM_TEST_MESSAGE__

void test_message()

#endif //__TDM_TEST_MESSAGE__
tdm_test_message.script (143 bytes)   


09.02.2020 06:00

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