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0005147DarkRadiantGUIpublic14.02.2020 04:14
ReporterDragofer Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0005147: 'Show help' etc. checkboxes in entity inspector aren't remembered by DR
DescriptionEach time DR is started the checkboxes 'Show help' and 'Show inherited properties' in the entity inspector start unchecked, even if they were checked when DR was last closed.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open DR -> create model -> stagecoach.lwo
2) Put a tick in the 'Show help' & 'Show inherited properties' checkboxes
3) Close DR without saving
4) Open DR -> create model -> stagecoach.lwo
5) 'Show help' & 'Show inherited properties' checkboxes have no ticks
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