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0005151DarkRadiantGUIpublic14.02.2020 04:14
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Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0005151: Targeting projected lights: let the line point to the light source instead of the light volume's midpoint
DescriptionWhen targeting a light, I've noticed that the target line points to the middle of the light's volume. For an omni light this is fine because the light source is at the middle of the volume, but for a projected light it often looks like the target line is pointing into the middle of empty space. It's often hard to see which projected light is being targeted.
See the attached image, where a lamp is targeting 2 windows and their projection lights. I've made the projection lights bright red for this shot so they can be seen better.

I'd like to suggest that the target line points to the light entity's origin, which is where the source is.
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12.02.2020 10:05


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target_projected_light.jpg (53,510 bytes)   

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