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0005155DarkRadiantGUIpublic14.02.2020 04:14
ReporterDragofer Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0005155: Model chooser doesn't list .md3 models
DescriptionA number of animated .md3 custom models are available for download for TDM, such as an animated water mesh, a pirate flag and a spider web swaying in the wind.

However, DR's model chooser doesn't list them, so you have to copy/paste or manually type in the file path. Apart from that they show up fine in DR, once they're placed in the map.
Steps To Reproduce1) I've attached Arcturus' improved pirate flag as a .pk4 which only needs to be placed in your darkmod installation.
2) Right-click -> Create model -> should be under models/darkmod/nautical/flag_pirate.md3, but it's not there. Searching for flag_pirate doesn't show anything either.

3) Create a different model, then paste this into the model spawnarg: models/darkmod/nautical/flag_pirate.md3. The flag is now there.
4) Click on 'Choose model...' on the model spawnarg: the model chooser is opened with no current model.
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13.02.2020 08:22


flag_pirate.pk4 (598,898 bytes)

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