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0005161The Dark ModGeneralpublic11.02.2024 21:28
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Summary0005161: Would like code support for a better destructable crate.
DescriptionThe current atdm:moveable_breakable_crate01 class along with the kitchen bottles do not send an impulse to the flinders when broken and as far as I know, do not break above a certain velocity when thrown or dropped.. This is obviously unrealistic and it would be great to have code support that handles this. (Rather than hacking it together by spawning and explosion to send impulses)

Purposed functionality:
- Inherits properties of a regular moveables

- Has health that when 0 it "explodes". Bonus if it can ignore certain damage types but Im not sure how that would work.

- Spawns flinders and has a spawn arg for how much impulse to apply to them. Could just be generic away from origin impulse.

- Spawns an object and triggers it through spawn args. Ex: "object_to_spawn" "atdm:item". "trigger_item_on_spawn" "1".

See thread here :
Test map in link.
Steps To ReproduceOpen up the test map and hit the crate with a sword. As you can see the flinders do not fly around like they should.

The urns however will send the flinders flying because they trigger a func shooter that fires a fire arrow which explodes, in turn giving the impulse. This is pretty hacky and will create problems in certain situation.
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related to 0004230 resolvedgrayman Flinders spawning with no velocity 




22.02.2020 17:39

reporter   ~0012237

The request for per-flinder physics spawnargs reminded me of the idDebris spawnclass--which is probably what we're *supposed* to use for this sort of thing, as per id's intentions. (They're similar to projectiles.)

However, whoever wrote apparently intended mappers to be able to identify flinders by model paths. When I actually tried using flinders (0004230) I seem to have used a moveable entity class: "def_flinder" "atdm:moveable_junk_plank_scrap01_long"

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