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0005163The Dark ModGUIpublic01.04.2020 18:29
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005163: Allow to configure gamma/brightness in menu with quick preview
DescriptionWe have removed color-conversion tables for gamma/brightness settings in 0004705.
As the result, now gamma/brightness only affects the in-game look (and even sceeenshots) but not the main menu.
Consequently, player cannot tweak gamma/brightness in the menu, he has to switch to game and back.
Moreover, the menu still shows the gamma-tweaking image, although it is completely useless now.

We should add a way to modify gamma/brightness in the main menu in such a way that player immediately sees the effect.
Ideally, we should create a special page for this (similar to how HUD size menu is done), which shows in-game screenshot affected by postprocessing, and GUI sliders to control the cvars. Note that aside from g_postprocess_gamma and g_postprocess_brightness, there are 4 other postprocess cvars, and we should put sliders for them too (perhaps in "advanced" section).

The perfect implementation would use the screenshot taken just before player switched from the game to main menu. So that the player could see how settings affect his "current" image. There can be different ways to implement this of course, perhaps eve switching to the game with g_stoptime or something like that.
Second approach is to take one canonical screenshot (e.g. from the gamma-tweaking section of the training mission) and always show it.

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has duplicate 0003098 closednbohr1more Color Saturation Slider 
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