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0005166DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic08.11.2020 18:34
ReporterLDAsh Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2.8.0 
Summary0005166: Fixed Subdivisions higher than 32
DescriptionAbility for "Fixed Subdivisions" of "Patch Tesselation" in "Patch Inspector" to be higher than 32, or at least not cap patches back to 32. NetRadiant can currently load map files with higher values even though the GUI still says 32. I managed to get up to 4444 4444 which was many millions of triangles. I think this is a good move to help future-proof the software
Steps To ReproduceSelect patch-mesh
"Fixed Subdivisions"
Additional Informationor import a MAP that has higher values than 32 and DR won't display it correctly.
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06.04.2020 18:20

administrator   ~0012334

Is this something related to a specific game? Can an idTech engine handle such high values properly?
If yes, I'd be inclined to make the maximum configurable through the settings in the .game file.


10.04.2020 20:30

reporter   ~0012350

With Quake IV, Radiant complains about the subdivisions exceeding 32, but (anyway) will actually display, save, and "dmap" successfully, and the patches do show up in the game properly. It's sluggish, but using DR with other newer engines using LOD, numbers like 32 quickly become trivial.


10.04.2020 20:51

reporter   ~0012351

Please see here for evidence:-


11.04.2020 03:03

administrator   ~0012352

Ok, I'd go for making this limit a configurable value in the .game file and set the Q4 game to, I don't know, 128 maybe? Would this be ok for your needs?
(Not sure if such high subdivision values make any difference in the game visually, can it get any smoother?)


11.04.2020 12:17

reporter   ~0012353

No offense, but, every generation says this... The answer is yes, it definitely can. Imagine if this were a giant silo.
Quake IV itself probably won't ever need more than 32, but our game project already needs it, because of heavy use of vertex-buffer LOD.
DarkRadiant is the only (idTech4) Radiant that currently forces these tessellations to 32, even if the patchDef3 has a higher value.


12.04.2020 03:14

administrator   ~0012357

The upper limit in the code has been removed now. The UI will restrict this to 16384 subdivisions for X and Y, respectively.

(Setting this to 2048x2048 on a cylinder sent DR into a hang on my end. When lowered to 1024 it was rendering in DR, but TDM crashed on dmapping.)

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DarkRadiant: master 38149679

2020-04-12 03:10:53


Details Diff
0005166: Remove the limit of 32 fixed subdivisions on patches. The limit is now at 16384, imposed by the patch inspector UI, not the code, just edit the .XRC file to change this limit. Affected Issues
mod - install/ui/patchinspector.fbp Diff File
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