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0005171DarkRadiantGUIpublic26.03.2020 03:57
ReporterGeep Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Summary0005171: Edit Filter bug - Index field problem
DescriptionWhen using the Edit Filter dialog to create a multi-line filter, if you use the Move Up/Move Down buttons (or maybe it involved deleting lines), sometimes the Index field values would not immediately automatically adjust to the new ordering. This confuses the user as to what order the rules would be applied (but testing showed it was in listing order, so Index field values could be ignored).
Steps To ReproduceIn summer 2019, this was noted a few times while developing a multi-line filter. Sorry, exact details of how this happened are vague now. Recently, Greebo suggested filing a report, so here it is, belatedly. Don't know if it's reproducible or still an issue.
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24.03.2020 18:52

administrator   ~0012305

I tried a few times with different combinations of deleting and moving things up/down, but the Index column is always ordered correctly, like 1-2-3.
Do you remember what the problem's manifestation looked like? Were the numbers wrongly sorted, like 1-3-2?


25.03.2020 19:26

reporter   ~0012309

Yup, the numbers were wrongly sorted. If you can't get it to appear for you, maybe something changed to fix it (magically thinking). Sounds like another candidate for the Limbo of Nonreproducibility.


26.03.2020 03:57

administrator   ~0012310

No problem, I'll set this on the backburner then. :) If it comes up again, we can resurrect this entry.

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