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0005183The Dark ModModelspublic17.03.2020 20:47
ReporterDragofer Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005183: Fix atdm:electric_arc_long01
DescriptionThe live build of 2.07 contains the entity atdm:electric_arc_long01 in tdm_lights_static_electric.def which is severely broken and points to several non-existing skins/assets. I'll delete the entity from the .def and attach it as a .def here for anyone who'd like to repair it.
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17.03.2020 20:47


electric_arc_long01.def (800 bytes)   
entityDef atdm:electric_arc_long01
	"inherit"			"atdm:static_light_lit_base"
	"editor_usage"			"ornate_chandelier01 that can be switched on and off.  Entity does not include actual lights; just switches skins. Lights must be added separately."
        "editor_displayFolder"				"Lights/"

	"lightType"				"AIUSE_LIGHTTYPE_ELECTRIC"	// grayman #2603

        "s_looping"				"1"

	"s_shader"			  "electrical_arc"
        "model" "models/darkmod/mechanical/electrical_fx/electrical_arc_long01.lwo"

	"extinguished"			"0"

        "light_radius"						"30 30 30"

	"skin_lit"				"lights/electrical_arc_01_on"
	"skin_unlit"			"lights/electrical_arc_01_off"

	// so we can use LightOn(), LightOff().

	"scriptobject"			"tdm_light_holder"

	"noshadows"				"1"

electric_arc_long01.def (800 bytes)   

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