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0005196DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic08.11.2020 18:35
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.7.0 
Target Version2.8.0Fixed in Version2.8.0 
Summary0005196: All spawnargs with the same value as the "name" spawnarg iterate when the entity is cloned
DescriptionIf any spawnargs have the same value as the "name" spawnarg, they too get iterated each time the entity is cloned. For example:

"classname" "func_static"
"name" "func_static"
"test_spawnarg" "func_static"


"classname" "func_static1"
"name" "func_static1"
"test_spawnarg" "func_static1"
Steps To Reproduce1) Create model -> stagecoach
2) Set the following spawnargs on the stagecoach:
"classname" "func_static"
"name" "func_static"
"test_spawnarg" "func_static"
3) Hit space to clone the stagecoach. All 3 of the above spawnargs have changed their value to "func_static1"
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27.03.2020 03:02

administrator   ~0012313

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That's an actual feature. There are a number of spawnargs that refer to an entity's name, like target and S/R spawnargs. When cloning a couple of objects, the intention of that code is to keep the links intact.


27.03.2020 10:25

developer   ~0012314

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Ah, I can see how that's very useful - but I think some of the spawnargs should remain unchanged: especially "classname" and any spawnargs like "def_attach" that reference classnames, as what they're referring to is defined outside of the .map and therefore unaffected by cloning.


27.03.2020 19:50

administrator   ~0012315


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DarkRadiant: master 9d506eca

2020-03-28 14:53:52


Details Diff
Fix 0005196: The "classname" key and keys starting with "def_" won't monitor their values for name changes. This prevents particular entity setups where the "classname" is the same as the entity's "name" triggers a classname change when cloning. Affected Issues
mod - radiant/entity/NamespaceManager.cpp Diff File
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