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0005208The Dark ModGUIpublic18.02.2021 15:41
Reportert405 Assigned Tocabalistic  
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Summary0005208: Support for extra mouse buttons
DescriptionIt would be very convenient to be able to map extra mouse buttons to actions.

The most basic use-case would be to map the usual forward/backward buttons to cycling inventory, for example.

This would be even more useful for mice with more than 6 buttons.
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03.05.2020 11:13

developer   ~0012448

This is on Linux, I presume? Yeah, the input handling there is... ancient.


03.05.2020 23:54

reporter   ~0012453

cabalistic: yes, linux.

Is anybody working on this? If I wanted to jump into development, how can I start?

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