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0005217The Dark ModMap Editingpublic16.04.2020 03:16
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Summary0005217: Model path to "nails" changed but skin def not updated
Description In tdm_models_decls01\, the "screw" definition is currently this but obsolete:

skin screw
    model models/darkmod/hangers/nails/nail_small.lwo
    model models/darkmod/hangers/nails/nail_bigger.lwo
    model models/darkmod/hangers/nails/nail_long.lwo
    model models/darkmod/hangers/nails/nail_long_bigger.lwo
    model models/darkmod/hangers/nails/nail_bent.lwo
    model models/darkmod/hangers/nails/nail_bent_bigger.lwo

    nail screw

Please replace .../hangers/nails/... with .../tools/... to update to correct paths
Steps To ReproduceInstantiate a tools/nail... object. In Choose Skin, there are no matching skins. If you do scroll down and locate the "screw" in the list, you can select it and it seems to show it applied in the pane, but doesn't seem to get applied to the actual object.
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