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0005221DarkRadiantGUIpublic03.01.2021 15:54
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Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0005221: 'Choose model...' on AIs opens model chooser without any model selected
DescriptionIf I try to click on the 'Choose model...' button of the "model" spawnarg in order to change the model of an AI, the model chooser opens without showing any model and with all folders collapsed. It only shows the materials of the model.

This seems to be due to the fact that TDM's AI entity defs only name the model itself, omitting the file path and the file extension.
If I replace the default "model" "tdm_ai_nobleman" with "models/md5/chars/nobles/nobleman1/tdm_ai_nobleman.md5mesh", the model chooser behaves correctly.
Steps To Reproduce1) 'Create entity' -> AI -> Nobles -> Armed -> atdm:ai_nobleman02_armed
2) 'Show inherited properties' -> model -> click on 'Choose model...'
3) The model chooser opens at top level without any model selected and all folders closed. It does however show the materials used by the current model.

4) Replace the "model" spawnarg with models/md5/chars/nobles/nobleman1/tdm_ai_nobleman.md5mesh
5) Click on 'Choose model...' -> the model chooser opens with the current model selected and displayed.
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related to 0005482 closedgreebo List model definitions in Model Chooser 




20.04.2020 14:14

administrator   ~0012372

Would it be of any use to set the "model" spawnarg on those AI entities? Just choosing the .md5mesh file is not enough to change an AI's model including animations, is it?


20.04.2020 15:26

developer   ~0012373

It depends on the model, if I want a nobleman to "wear" a commoner's clothes changing the model should be sufficient because the skeleton & animations are the same, but not for female <> male or human <> monster switches.
It's a bug in its own right, though, that the 'Choose model...' button for AIs opens the model chooser without any model selected and all folders collapsed.


20.04.2020 16:07

administrator   ~0012374

I just tried changing the model spawnarg to some md5mesh, but this is just refusing the start the map due to missing joint information. It doesn't work.

But I assume it would be more helpful if the model chooser listed the actual "modelDef" declarations, such that the "tdm_ai_nobleman" can be swapped to something like "tdm_ai_townsfolk_commoner"?


20.04.2020 16:33

developer   ~0012375

Ah, so the "model" spawnarg actually points to a modelDef, explaining this bug. Listing and choosing from modelDefs in addition to regular models would sure be useful in the situation where I encountered this bug.


03.01.2021 15:54

developer   ~0013353

Closing, since the underlying problem is better addressed in 0005482.

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