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0005222DarkRadiantGUIpublic08.11.2020 18:34
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.7.0 
Target Version2.8.0Fixed in Version2.8.0 
Summary0005222: Make it easier to collapse all folders
DescriptionWhen I use the search function I often open a multitude of folders in the process of typing in and searching for the search terms. I found out how to use the left arrow key to quickly collapse folders after a search, but this often still leaves several folders expanded (this becomes apparent as soon as the top-level folder is expanded). All those expanded folders make it difficult to manually navigate to a specific item.

I'd appreciate either of these solutions:
1) collapsing, then expanding a higher level folder shows all lower level folders in a collapsed state
2) add collapse/expand all buttons/toggles to all lists with folders (models/entities/light inspector/media browser/speakers/vocal set chooser/head chooser/prefabs etc)
Steps To Reproduce1) In the Media browser, search for 'grass' and hold down the 'down' arrow key for a while. This opens a lot of folders.
2) Hold down the 'left' arrow key to quickly collapse all folders. "Other Materials" will still be expanded because you started collapsing within "textures"
3) Manually expand "textures". A lot of the folders that were expanded during the search are now expanded again.
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20.04.2020 17:56

administrator   ~0012376

I went for solution 1) collapsing, then expanding a higher level folder shows all lower level folders in a collapsed state

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Resolve 0005222: Collapsing a single node in the wxutil::TreeView will now (by default) collapse all of its children too. Affected Issues
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