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0005233The Dark ModGeneralpublic30.04.2020 17:47
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Summary0005233: COMPILING.txt is out of sync with the wiki and missing instructions for tdm_update
DescriptionThe COMPILING.txt file from the latest svn revision says to refer to the wiki for the most recent compliation guide, but

the last update on the wiki is older ( 14:58, 30 September 2019‎ Duzenko )

than the svn file ( r8453 | cabalistic | 2019-12-19 14:51:53 -0500 (Thu, 19 Dec 2019) )

Which is authoritative?

Also, none of the instructions seem to mention how to build tdm_update, and neither the cmake nor scons method is resulting in a binary for that tool.
Steps To ReproduceSpend half my morning fixing a scons problem that will be obsoleted by cmake...
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duplicate of 0005234 new compilation: scons configuration and documentation 




30.04.2020 15:38

reporter   ~0012436

I filed this for the wrong project, please close as duplicate of

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