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0005242The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic03.07.2021 09:18
Reportert405 Assigned Tostgatilov  
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Product VersionTDM 2.07 
Target VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005242: Online Mission Downloader should include "last updated" field not just "release date"
DescriptionIt's hard to know which missions are being actively developed and maintained, due to a lack of more information about when a mission was updated.

The updated asterisk is good, but without context, doesn't give much information.

I suggest, if it's not too challenging, to include a "last updated" field in the mission details page when clicking More...
Steps To ReproduceGo to in-game mission downloader. Click on a mission that you've already downloaded and is showing an asterisk for an update. No info appears about the update.
Additional InformationIt would also be pretty nifty if mission maintainers' changelogs were incorporated into the more... information.
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related to 0005551 resolvedstgatilov Rework FM database to use SVN as primary storage 




05.05.2020 04:12

reporter   ~0012457

I just came up with a really creative idea for level designers who are continually updating their levels:

Include your changes and bugfixes in the level itself, such as with a book left out on a table. I just started on Crown of Penitence by Jesps, and there's a diary on a table dated May 4, which inspired me to think of this idea.


03.07.2021 08:48

administrator   ~0014140

With the recent migration to SVN database (0005551), this can in fact be done automatically.
The SVN hook which generates the XML consumed by in-game downloader can take date of last modification of pk4 file, and write it into some property in the generated XML.
No human action required.

Of course, the date will reflect when this version was committed to FM database.
For instance, for the already existing mission it would show this spring, even though they were created many years ago and not change since then.

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