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0005269DarkRadiantGeneralpublic01.06.2020 19:25
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Product Version2.6.0 
Summary0005269: Escaped EOLN in entity spawnarg is turned into real EOLN
DescriptionThe D3 engine can show text in some location, which is used only for debugging.
The contents of such text is written in the value of "text" spawnarg of entity of "text" class.
The problem is that D3 parser forbids putting a real EOL into spawnargs, that causes a hard parsing error.

For 2.08 I have fixed the problem by turning "\n" into EOL character in the code of the text entity.
Now I can write multiline text labels by using "\n" in the text string.

The problem is that when I open such a map in DR and then save it back, every "\n" in spawnarg value is turned into actual EOL character, making the map unparsable.
I wonder if it can be fixed easily?...
Steps To ReproduceDownload the FM attached to wiki page about "particle collision":
It is also committed to the assets SVN repo of TDM.
Open it in DR, then save it.
Now either try to dmap it or simply search for "\n" in the .map file.
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