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0005275DarkRadiantShader Systempublic23.06.2020 19:51
Reporterorbweaver Assigned Toorbweaver  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version2.8.1 
Target Version2.8.1 
Summary0005275: DarkRadiant will not show DDS textures that are stored uncompressed (non-DXT)
DescriptionThe DDS format supports uncompressed images in ARGB8888 format. Although the DDS library supports and recognises this format, we have no handling of uncompressed images in the DDSImage class (which assumes every image can be sent directly to the GPU with glCompressedTexImage2D), resulting in such images appearing as Shader Not Found.

Examples of such uncompressed DDS textures can be found in the attached vertexcolors_break_shading test map.
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23.06.2020 19:51


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