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0005287The Dark ModGeneralpublic23.07.2020 19:57
Reporterkingsal Assigned Totaaaki  
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Summary0005287: Misspellings in the forum security questions.
DescriptionSomeone brought this up in the discord:

Didn't know where to log this but "The Dark Mod" is misspelled in one of the security questions for signing up on the forums.
Its also spelled differently in the questions , "The Dark Mod", "the dark mod", "the dakrmod" , ect..
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08.07.2020 19:54


image.png (17,886 bytes)   
image.png (17,886 bytes)   


23.07.2020 19:56

administrator   ~0012673

Registration security questions have been updated to fix typos and make the project name consistent across all the questions.

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