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0005288DarkRadiantGUIpublic05.02.2021 11:29
ReporterDragofer Assigned Togreebo  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.8.0 
Target Version2.9.0Fixed in Version2.9.0 
Summary0005288: Exit search field in child window by pressing escape
DescriptionA little annoyance after searching within child windows, i.e. 'Create Model', is that pressing escape closes the whole child window, so the only way to dismiss the search field is to wait some time. During that time, my arrow keys only let me cycle through search results, which is inconvenient because I often use the search function only to get in the approximate location of what I'm looking for (i.e. "arrow_broadhead" if I want to see all available arrow soundshaders).
Steps To Reproduce1) Right-click > 'Create speaker...'.
2) Start typing 'arrow_broadhead' to bring up a search field.
3) Press escape. The whole child window closes, instead of only dismissing the search field.
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18.09.2020 04:01

administrator   ~0012779

Confirmed, at least for the Sound Chooser. Other Tree Views embedded in the main window or the ModelChooser behave correctly. Have to investigate what the difference between those windows is.


18.09.2020 22:54

developer   ~0012780

I can also add that this behaviour occured in the Prefab Chooser.

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DarkRadiant: master 321fc5b1

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0005288: ESC to exit search field in child window instead of closing the dialog Affected Issues
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