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0000529DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic17.12.2009 06:41
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Summary0000529: Lights with model-property set should show the model in the editor
DescriptionIf you change the classname of a model to light, or add the model-property to a light, just the default light-dot is shown in the editor after reloading the map. For better working (aligning, rotating) it would be better to have the model visible, or better, both the model and the light-dot, so that it indicates directly that a light is attached to the model.

When entering render mode the model isn't shown either or the model is not enlighted by the newly attached light.
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17.02.2008 21:09

administrator   ~0001056

Please clarify: are you trying to assign a model to a light entity?


17.02.2008 23:00

developer   ~0001057

Yes, either that, or the other way around.

I just wanted to "attach" a lightsource to a model and changing the classname of a model to "light" is a very easy way to do so, but aparently the editor does not indicate where the lightsource is located then and after a reload of the map it doesn't show the model anymore but does indicate the location of the lightsource instead.

So if the modelproperty of a light is set, both the model and the light-indicator should be displayed in the editor. This way you could align the model and move the light to the desired location easily.


18.02.2008 08:08

administrator   ~0001058

Last edited: 18.02.2008 08:08

I admit that I never tested this, but does this actually work in-game? How should the model appear in the map? The pointlight would always be "inside" of the model and the geometry wouldn't appear to be lit. Also, you wouldn't be able to position the light and the model separately, because the light *is* the model in that case. I'm not sure I understand what you want to achieve, mapping-wise.

The only thing that makes sense for light entities is to reference a particle in their "model" spawnarg (like "model" "torchflame.prt").

Why not create a model plus a lightsource and place the two the way you want it?

18.02.2008 10:12


18.02.2008 10:21


Reloading.jpg (419,950 bytes)


18.02.2008 10:34

developer   ~0001059

I uploaded two images to illustrate the technique and the problems that arouse with it. As you can see on the first screen the technique does work ingame but not in the editor. The Lightsource can be adjusted via the light_center property, the origin property is then used to adjust the model itself.

I am used to attach lights to static meshes this way by T3ED, where T3ED has still the advantage of predefined fixpoints (other than the model origin) for the lightsource.

Using this technique has certain advantages. I for instance want every window of this type to be enlighted "by the window itself", so I wouldn't have to copy and move both the light and the window all the time.

The second screen show the problem with reloading. I added the model, changed the class to light and added all the necessary lightproperties. It shows the window, but not the light. After the reload it's reversed.


18.02.2008 12:33

administrator   ~0001060

I see. If I recall the code correctly, light entities don't support a separate attached model in DarkRadiant. As this is a valid setup in terms of the D3 engine, this has to be fixed.


18.02.2008 16:55

developer   ~0001061

nice! ;)


18.02.2008 17:10

administrator   ~0001062

Don't hold your breath though - this entails quite some restructuring of the entity classes to get this right.

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