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0005293The Dark ModCodingpublic11.07.2020 21:45
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Summary0005293: Mouse cursor is moved to the screen center when alt-tab switching
DescriptionWhile alt-tab switching now works under Linux, there's still an issue making it unusable: When the mouse cursor goes over the TDM window it gets re-positioned at the center of the screen, meaning you can't move it around to click on buttons in other windows unless you can avoid touching TDM. The cursor should only steal the focus and get moved in the middle (crosshair center) when the TDM window is active.
Steps To ReproduceStart TDM in Linux / KDE (x64 engine) then alt-tab switch to another window: You can move the cursor inside that window freely, but if you drag it over TDM (running in the background) it snaps to the center of the screen.
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