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0005297The Dark ModGUIpublic01.09.2020 17:32
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005297: AF Editor: make spawned ragdolls frobable
DescriptionOn the bottom left of the AF editor is a "Spawn" button that spawns a ragdoll in T-Pose in front of the player. It's not frobable, however, so it can't be dragged around in order to test the physics.
Additional InformationThe AF Editor's originally intended way is to use g_dragEntity 1, which is Doom 3's old system of dragging bodies. It differs wildly from TDM's system, however.
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related to 0005333 assignedstgatilov Reimplement AF editor: either in-game with FLTK, or in DarkRadiant with game connection 
child of 0005301 new AF Editor Useability 




30.07.2020 17:38

administrator   ~0012689

Still, it is a very good find that it is possible to drag spawned AFs like this:
  1) set "g_dragEntity 1" in console
  2) point some AF, and press left mouse button (attack)
  3) move mouse around without releasing the button
Recording this just for the history.
I think adding frobability should not be hard.


30.07.2020 17:41

administrator   ~0012690

Should I just set "frobable 1", or should I make the new entity inherit some base class?
I mean, there are lots of spawnargs in moveable_base, atdm:frobable_base.


30.07.2020 17:51

administrator   ~0012691

I managed to get the right feel of frob-dragging guard's AF by setting:
  From atdm:frobable_base:
    frobable 1
    grabable 1
  From atdm:env_ragdoll_base:
    drag_force_mod 10

Without the last argument, the body is too heavy to be dragged.
That's the specific hack for guards, and I think I should not apply it for all AFs.
The same issue applies to shouldering guard's body: I cannot see if some AF is guard or not.

So... I think the best I can do is to set frobable and grabable.
Or I can inherit atdm:frobable_base, which seems to also have these:
    "frob_action_script" "frob_trigger"
    "used_action_script" "frob_trigger"
What are they for? Are they needed?


30.07.2020 21:11

developer   ~0012692

Last edited: 30.07.2020 21:16

Ah, the absent drag_force_mod explains why editor-spawned ragdolls behaved so much differently than when I just killed an AI to get the ragdoll, I could barely move it. I think having that hack is very important for physics testing - could it maybe be an extra setting in the first tab of the editor that applies itself to spawned bodies, for testing? When the AF is finished the creator can add that force modifier as a spawnarg to the ragdoll entity def.

Frobable 1 and Grabable 1 are a good start.

The action scripts' function is to make the frobable entity trigger its targets when it gets frobbed or triggered, so they have no relevance here.


31.07.2020 04:12

administrator   ~0012693

You can set tdm_drag_force_max 10 times higher than default, and it should have the same effect.


31.07.2020 06:54

developer   ~0012694

That's good to know and can serve as a workaround, but it's not good to need console commands in order to use the AF Editor properly - the entire process of generating an AF is already very clunky.

From my view it'd be much appreciated if there were that extra "Drag Force Modifier" field in the 1st tab under "Physics" that applies its value to spawned ragdolls.


31.07.2020 07:28

administrator   ~0012695

Committed the simple change in svn rev 8905.

As for modifier in GUI, I think putting it into random location is no good.
A new tab should be added for entity settings, which needs some work.
I'll return to it if I have time.


01.09.2020 17:31

administrator   ~0012775

Last edited: 01.09.2020 17:32

The reason for suspending is my post here:
Basically, I think I will rewrite the whole AF editor in the end (0005333).

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