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0005299The Dark ModGUIpublic31.07.2020 21:30
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005299: AF Editor: typing into fields doesn't update the ragdoll
DescriptionTyping into a field (i.e. changing the name of "Model" at the top of the "Properties" tab) causes neither the ragdoll to update nor the Save button to become useable. Clicking on an arrow to increase/decrease a value, however, does.

It'd be good if clicking onto a field would cause the editor to update, the same way as when clicking on a button.
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20.07.2020 07:46

developer   ~0012663

It's necessary to press enter to make the changes take effect. Just clicking into another field without pressing enter will still leave the new value in place, but nothing happens.


31.07.2020 07:59

administrator   ~0012696

I think that's the common convention for all editor tools.
Changing it would require going through all the edit boxes in all tools and do some nontrivial refactoring.


31.07.2020 08:03

administrator   ~0012697

I think refactoring is not even possible.
Right now every GUI widget has one callback. For edit boxes it is the ON_EN_CHANGE callback.
In order to apply changes on loosing focus, one has to add ON_EN_KILLFOCUS callback on every edit box, along with appropriate callback.


31.07.2020 08:12

administrator   ~0012699

Wouldn't it be OK to change background color of an editbox when user changes something in it?
And reset it back to normal when changes are applied.


31.07.2020 08:50

developer   ~0012701

That's a shame (I suppose applying changes when gaining focus is out of the question too). A colour change would be helpful to indicate that the changes haven't been applied yet, though this may be mostly for the benefit of new users who haven't gotten into the habit yet of pressing enter after each change.


31.07.2020 21:30

developer   ~0012708

To be honest this is just a small point that can easily be worked around by just pressing enter after typing something, and it seems the ideal solution (update when focus changes) isn't doable. Feel free to close this, in particular if it's menial labour to add colour changes to all the edit boxes.

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