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0000530DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic13.03.2009 12:32
ReporterSTiFU Assigned Toorbweaver  
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Product Version0.9.4 
Target Version0.9.8Fixed in Version0.9.8 
Summary0000530: Editing properties of multiple entities of the same type
DescriptionWhen selecting mutliple entities of the same type the entityeditor does not work anymore, so no properties can be changed on all of them directly. Making this possible or (even better) giving the user the opportunity to create instances of entities would be highly apreciated. The last suggestion would be more work though I guess, so better just stick to the basic solution, if at all!
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17.03.2008 23:22

reporter   ~0001090

Last edited: 17.03.2008 23:23

I was about to track this myself. I am doing some AI load tests in a map that is basically a box with 100 AI in it. As such, I need to edit the properties of all 100 AI each time I want to test a new setting. I was surprised to find out (guess I never tried it in DR before!) that you cannot. In DoomEd, you select the entities (they don't need to be the same type) and then add or remove or change fields to all at once. In DR, the fields become disabled, preventing this action (eep, I ended up using Notepad to accomplish the task). While the DoomEd method isn't protected for the user, if the user is going the "power-mode" route (typing values in by hand) we can probably hope/assume they know what they're doing, and give them carte blanche.

This is similar to 0000599, but not as specialized (that is about light inspector controls specifically).



20.03.2008 19:43

developer   ~0001096

Yep, we may not forget about the powerusers. In the end, nearly everyone will end up as one of them, so quick and direct access on the properties of multiple entities is very important.

In this context, this issue and 0000599 should be generalized in the way, that the entities mustn't even be of the same type. Just leave the text-field enabled. And if the are of the same type, you can keep the normal controlls and just leave "blanks" where the entityproperties don't match up.


18.10.2008 12:01

developer   ~0002091

Confirmed, this should be possible (at least for the key/value text boxes, even if menu-based selection is not possible for multiple entities).


18.10.2008 12:55

developer   ~0002094

Status changed in error


18.10.2008 13:32

developer   ~0002096

Resolved in revision 3808

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