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0005302The Dark ModCodingpublic29.01.2021 04:40
Reporterstgatilov Assigned Tostgatilov  
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Product VersionTDM 2.09 
Target VersionTDM 2.09Fixed in VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0005302: House of Locked Secrets: crash because inventory cursor points to empty category
DescriptionThe inventory cursor system is pretty fragile, in a sense that it can easily leave pointing something empty.
It becomes especially bad when mapper starts removing inventory items in script.
Steps To Reproduce1) Start "A House Of Locked Secrets" FM.
2) Play normally until you find the lockpick in spirit realm.
3) Return back to physical realm using some "thing".
4) Choose the Holy Symbol in inventory.
5) Hit 'P' key (cycle through lockpicks) --- it would still leave Holy Symbol selected, but change cursor internally to lockpicks!
6) How apply Holy Symbol to the "thing" to get back to spirit realm.

At this moment cursor points to lockpicks category, which is empty.
The realm transitioning script calls getCurInvItemName, which crashes trying to get name of NULL item
Additional InformationOriginally reported here:
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related to 0002993 resolvedSTiFU Removing an inventory item can invalidate cursor, resulting in crash 
related to 0001084 resolvedtels Grabber doesn't allow frobbing after held item is removed 




18.07.2020 11:58

administrator   ~0012659

Attached savegame from Bumbling Thief.
The savegame is from 2.08, but it works on trunk rev 8864.
To reproduce from it, just go forward and frob the holy symbol mini-statue on the desk.

To workaround the problem, hit the "Clean Inventory" key --- it is not bound to any key by default. (1,347,978 bytes)


18.07.2020 15:36

administrator   ~0012660

It was most likely broken by 0002993, although perhaps it was broken before that too.

Basically, the whole inventory cursor system is so messy an fragile, that I don't care any more about it working correctly.
I simply reviewed the code and made sure everything that could be NULL is checked for NULL.
That's committed in svn rev 8866, and it fixes the crash.

The next problem is that instead of crash, now the Holy Symbol simply does not work.
Because the real "current item" is NULL --- it has become NULL when player hit 'P' to cycle through empty group of lockpicks.
But GUI still shows the Holy Symbol, giving very bad effect that active item does not work.
I with this in 8867: now cycling through empty group selects blank/dummy item.

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