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0005317The Dark ModMappingpublic11.08.2020 21:12
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005317: Feature: skins for brush & patch-based entities
DescriptionAt the moment skins only work for model-based entities (.lwo, .ase, .md3, .md5mesh), but not for ones which were made in DR out of brushes and patches.

It could be useful to have skin support for both kinds of entities, for example when making brush/patch-based architecture with windows that should have lit and unlit states. To achieve that I'd need to either:
A) export the window as a model so I can give it lit & unlit skins, or
B) put an extra patch entity a little bit in front of the window which represents the other lit state and give it the "hide" spawnarg. Its visibility gets toggled.
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11.08.2020 21:12

reporter   ~0012728

It seems kind of feature creep, as you can simply make two materials, lit and unlit, and just use them. Skins are just shortcut files for that.

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