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0005325The Dark ModGraphicspublic18.08.2020 15:33
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OSWindows 10 
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005325: New error reported about texture stain01b_s
DescriptionDuring dmap processing of worldspawn, this error appears under 2.08:
WARNING:Couldn't load image: makeIntensity( textures/decals/stain01b_s)

The map in question used stain01b and stain01bwet. But even after replacing those with other textures, the error persisted.

This was traced to the distributed, material "stain01bwet", which includes the map call in question. Perhaps it should be "makeintensity(...)" (all lower case) or, more likely "makealpha(...)", or stain01b_s texture file is bad.

Also,, material "stain01bwet" also has the same problematic call. These are the only 2 places where a material definition uses "MakeIntensity".
Steps To ReproduceI don't know if this error appears in all maps under 2.08. In any event, you should be able to see it if you create a decal with stain01bwet. Unless this is specific to my graphics chip/driver, which I doubt.
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child of 0005044 resolvedstgatilov Adjusting specular RGB in material stages fails under enhanced interaction shader 




10.08.2020 21:59

developer   ~0012720

It's a DDS file. Image programs like makeIntensity() don't work on compressed images.


16.08.2020 19:43

reporter   ~0012737

Thanks for that insight, VanishedOne. Neither 2.07 nor 2.08 contains, in the standard distribution, stain01b_s.tga, only . So perhaps the MakeIntensity call was bad before, but the error wasn't reported to the console until 2.08. I didn't find any copy of stain01b_s.tga within the FMs I have locally (not at all a complete set).

Since the whole point of stain01bwet is evidently to use MakeIntensity, if that can't happen, probably it needs to be dropped from future distributions.


16.08.2020 22:33

developer   ~0012738

If any released maps have used that material, it can't really be dropped; a missing material would render black, I think. Either the material decl needs to change or someone with assets SVN access needs to add the missing .tga.

Since the image appears to be monochrome anyway, I'm not sure makeIntensity() is actually needed (its definition from idDevNet: 'Copies the red channel to the G, B, and A channels').


17.08.2020 16:50

reporter   ~0012740

Clearly the intention from the name "stain01b_wet" is to simulate, say, a beer spill on a bartop. I don't know if that was ever successfully realized.


17.08.2020 23:36

developer   ~0012741

See here:

If you remove the "makeintensity" keyword, you will see the decal flicker.

Prior to 0005044 this material didn't work at all. When it was enabled, the flicker arrived too.


18.08.2020 12:05

developer   ~0012742

I'm having trouble reproducing this flicker on my machine, even after reverting to TWOSIDED_DECAL_MACRO. I did manage to find some on the stairs just before the chute in St. Lucia, but then it persisted if I set the specularmap to _white and turned DECAL_MACRO off, so I'm guessing the decals are coplanar with the stairs and that makes a light-interactive decal z-fight.


18.08.2020 15:33

reporter   ~0012743

I've seen other decals z-fight when coplanar too (e.g., straw). Probably the guidance to mappers needs to change, to avoid coplanarity in those cases. Maybe add a warning in the DR viewer with those? More tediously, scan & revise old FMs to remove coplanarity for those decals?

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