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0005328The Dark ModModelspublic30.08.2020 14:33
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005328: Sack has black regions
DescriptionThe tdm_sack03 material - used by models/darkmod/containers/sack_closed.lwo and models/darkmod/containers/sack_pile01.lwo - uses the diffuse texture models/darkmod/props/textures/sack02_d. This has a black region where the alphatested holes used by the tdm_sack02 material go (the alpha channel for that seems additionally to be in the sack02_local normal map). Since sack03 isn't alphatested, the region just shows up as ugly black blodges (I thought it was a shadowing error at first).

Presumably there *should* be a sack03 diffusemap that looks like a higher-res version of the editor image, which doesn't have the blacked-out region.
Additional InformationI'm wondering whether this issue is new in 2.08, since I have a sack pile in a w.i.p. map and never noticed this problem under 2.07.

There's a sack2_local.tga that may be a clone of sack03_local.tga; I've no idea whether anything uses it. tdm_sack02 actually uses sack02_local.tga.
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