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0005340The Dark ModCodingpublic21.09.2020 14:25
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OSWin 10 
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005340: OSPathToRelativePath mystery warning
DescriptionFirst seen in a large map under 2.07, and continuing under 2.08:

"WARNING:idFileSystem::OSPathToRelativePath failed on "

That is, the warning is truncated, or reporting an empty path string. Is it possible to change the warning to provide more info about context/cause/solution?
Steps To ReproduceWhile this always recurs in my large map, whether it is reproducible elsewhere, I dunno. It was first noticed when 3 items (scaled model of a bar counter, scaled model of a 4-post awning, and a standing brazier) were added to the map. Reverting and then adding any 1 of the 3 items would trigger the warning. So it seemed not to be related to a specific texture or entity, but rather some overflow, corruption, or resource depletion.

The forums indicate this truncated string was seen a few time in the distant past, and reportedly sometimes cured by avoiding "bad" textures.
Additional InformationHere is a fragment from qconsole.log, with the 3 instances of the warning displayed:
  0.2 seconds for BuildLightShadows
WARNING:Couldn't load image: makeIntensity( textures/decals/stain01b_s)
WARNING:idFileSystem::OSPathToRelativePath failed on
glprogs/heatHazeWithDepth.vfp 17
Linking GLSL program heatHazeWithDepth ...
glprogs/heatHazeWithDepth.vfp 18
WARNING:idFileSystem::OSPathToRelativePath failed on
WARNING:idFileSystem::OSPathToRelativePath failed on

Note regarding the above GL_PROGRAM_ERROR warnings (and others not shown) -
Earlier in DMap, during "Checking optional OpenGL extensions...", all features were verified as present in my system's driver except:

X - GL_EXT_depth_bounds_test not found

Maybe that is causing the GL_PROGRAM_ERRORs during glprogs calls?
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