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0005341The Dark ModSoundpublic08.08.2021 13:08
ReporterDragofer Assigned Tostgatilov  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.10Fixed in VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0005341: Menu Music can't be switched off during a mission
DescriptionIn audio settings there's an option to toggle "Main Menu Music" "On" or "Off". However, both for me and at least one other user, this setting doesn't stop the main menu music if a map is loaded. It only restarts the soundtrack every time the setting is toggled.

This only happens if Main Menu Music was set to On when the map was started. If it was Off, then the setting will work normally ingame.
Steps To Reproduce0) Start TDM and make sure "Main Menu Music" is set to "On". If it's "Off", the bug won't occur, the setting will work normally ingame.
1) Load into a map.
2) Once you're ingame, open the main menu and go to Settings -> Audio.
3) Toggle "Main Menu Music". This only restarts the soundtrack.
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child of 0005323 resolvedstgatilov Improve menu GUI and remove unexpected overrides of menu GUI files 




24.09.2020 00:49

reporter   ~0012784

I'm the other reporter. For me, it doesn't matter whether the main menu music setting is off or on before mission start; the music will always play in the menu once I'm in a mission. The menu music setting does work outside of when no mission is ongoing (e.g. upon game startup and after quit mission).

Fyi, I'm on linux (fedora 32) if it matters. Also I'm currently running a locally recompiled 2.08 tagged source, but I've noticed this issue for awhile now.


17.12.2020 04:00

administrator   ~0013155

I have already changed how this works during major refactoring in 0005323, to I guess I'll tie this issue to that one.


26.12.2020 12:33

reporter   ~0013222

I think this may have been fixed in 2.09 b1


26.12.2020 13:18

developer   ~0013233

The problem still persists, but only in proper FMs. If you use the console to open a test map the main menu music can be switched off, but not if you go via the menu to start a mission.


08.08.2021 13:08

administrator   ~0014256

This is fixed with a merge of 5323_mainmenu branch in svn rev 9552 and 16340.
See main issue 0005323 for details.

Note that the music setting takes effect only when you return back to the main menu (not immediately).

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