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0005352DarkRadiantGUIpublic16.01.2021 09:00
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005352: Entities with invalid classname and no model have no visual representation
DescriptionAs per the title, if an entity's classname doesn't exist and it has no model spawnarg, it's invisible and unselectable in both camera view & orthoview. I've recently found I've got a few of these floating around in my map, after I renamed some entity defs.

I was thinking they could be given a "Shader not found" box, just like when an entity has an invalid value for its "model" spawnarg.
Steps To Reproduce1) Create entity -> target_relay. This entity has no model spawnarg.
2) Change the classname to "bogus". The entity disappears from view and can't be selected anymore, except via the entity list (J).
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09.10.2020 21:25

reporter   ~0012811


I have a workaround I used for this, but it would be really helpful for troubleshooting for a null object to be shown in DR so we can either fix or nuke said entity.

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