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0005353The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic04.10.2020 16:55
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Summary0005353: Feature: Finer-grained DMap Warning for "dropped" visportals
DescriptionDuring DMAP, warnings about visportal problems already provide some categorization (e.g., "dropped" vs "useless"). It is proposed, if technically feasible, to differentiate the "dropped" category further, into -
- "dropped (bad seal)"
- "dropped", all other cases
where "bad seal" means that some part of the visportal edge is not in worldspawn. (I'm not married to "bad seal" as a phrase... substitute any other you like.)

Ideally, the "bad seal" tag would be applied both to the console warning as shown, and incorporated into the filename of the corresponding pointfile. The reason for doing this is that the mapper could see at a glance which visportal failures are due to bad seals, and so prioritize the fixing of those. Oftentimes, fixing bad seals makes some of the other visportal warnings go away.
Additional InformationIt is recognized that, if the naming of pointfiles is modified, a system that cycles through pointfiles automatically in DR, instead of needing manual renaming, could be impacted by this.
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