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0005354The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic04.10.2020 17:23
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Summary0005354: Feature: Pointfiles for Debugging of Info_Location Overlaps
DescriptionWhen the info_location system is used for ambient light and sound, after dmap and during the "map <FM>" phase, any info_locations that overlap are so reported to the console as a warning. However, diagnosis of the actual problem cause is difficult.

It is proposed, if technically feasible, to extend the pointfile system to help with this diagnosis. In particular, what is desired is a pointfile that runs between the two info_location objects involved in the overlap, via an info-location-overlap path.

The name style of such pointfiles should be clearly different from that of the visportal pointfiles. A suggestion is:

Additional InformationRelated forum posts about debugging an overlap:

It is recognized that, if the naming of pointfiles is modified, a system that cycles through pointfiles automatically in DR, instead of needing manual renaming, could be impacted by this.
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