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0005375DarkRadiantCompilation/Buildpublic05.02.2021 11:29
ReporterPranQster Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.9.0 
Fixed in Version2.9.0 
Summary0005375: Build failure in Mageia 8
Descriptionchecking for GL/glew.h... yes
checking for main in -lGLEW... no
configure: error: GLEW not found

I have built DR many times in the past, and always make sure the dependencies are installed, etc. I have never had an issue w/ GLEW dependencies before. DR 2.8.0 built properly for me a few months ago, but now I get this.

Version: 2.1.0-5.mga8
        Currently installed version: 2.1.0-5.mga8
        Group: Development/C
        Architecture: x86_64
        Size: 1584 KB
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01.11.2020 05:31

administrator   ~0012851

Resolved, it works again in Mageia 8, except for the google test linker test. The latter has been broken by a recent change to autoconf's c.m4, where AC_LANG_CALL(C++) doesn't deal with the main symbol correctly.

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DarkRadiant: 2.9.0 03a57aaf

2020-10-31 06:16:01


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0005375: Change symbol checks in to fix the build in Mageia.
It seems pointless to check for a "main" symbol in GL, GLEW or sound libraries, so check for one of the function symbols which are part of the public interface.
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DarkRadiant: 2.9.0 5cc58c98

2020-10-31 10:21:01


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0005375: GCC9 doesn't require linking against libstdc++fs anymore Affected Issues
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