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0005404The Dark ModObjectivespublic05.08.2022 19:37
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PlatformWin 10 
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005404: Unreliable "item is in location" objective
DescriptionAn objective with component type "item is in location" often can not be made to work, either at all, or episodically.

Steps To ReproduceHere are consecutive posts by three different people in 2019 noticing the problem:

And I can't get it to work for me at all in late 2020. This is with a "Name of single entity" used for both Entity and Location. The latter is an info_tdm_objective_location as required and specified by the wiki description. The Entity placed (dropped in the location from inventory) was a moveable scroll with usual central origin and the required spawnarg "objective_ent 1". Following earlier forum suggestions, I also set that spawnarg on the location... made no difference.
Additional InformationI'm moving on to the recommended workaround alternative: "Two entities are within a radius of each other".

I'll also put a warning to others on the wiki page describing this component.
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09.01.2021 19:17

reporter   ~0013430

Jan 2021. Tried again in a different context: this time, in Objective Editor, with component's SDK-level spawnclass set to idPlayer. No evidence that detection occurred, with default info_tdm_objective_location interval of 1 second. Increased size of volume (to avoid runthru without detection), and made bottom of volume below floor (to avoid missing player origin). Also added "objective_ent 1" to all volumes. Still no luck. Broken


27.06.2021 20:35

reporter   ~0014130

I'm working on a prison break objective in one of my FM's, where an AI runs from his cell after the player unlocks the door and the objective is completed as the AI reaches safety. The safe zone is defined using an info_tdm_objective_location, the objective condition is "item is in location" (NOT in info_location). I reference both the info_location and AI by their entity names ("name of single entity").

For me this seems to be working: Objective is marked as complete and executes its completion target once the AI has escaped. I just need to add "objective_ent 1" to either the location or the AI entity, added it on both for safe measure and will test later if either can be removed. Note that I'm using the latest dev build from the installer, not sure if the issue may have been fixed after the 2.09 release.


05.08.2022 19:37

reporter   ~0015126

I just ran into this as well. In my case it is for an exit location. Used to work, then all of a sudden stopped working. Tried all sorts of things - it worked once when I flipped the exit objective to be visible from the start so I thought that must have been it. Tested it a second time, and it didn't work. Ended up replacing it with a trigger and script.

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