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0005411DarkRadiantGUIpublic16.11.2020 19:54
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Product Version2.8.0 
Summary0005411: Surface Inspector: Can't set scale / offset / rotation for multiple surfaces simultaneously
DescriptionWhen selecting a whole brush or multiple faces, the fields allowing you to set the texture scale and offset and rotation in the Surface Inspector become grayed out. You can still use the arrows to offset them but can no longer edit the values manually.

This is bothersome as if you want to change the scale / offset / rotation of all textures on one or more brushes, you need to select each one and input the scale / offset / rotation you want. Previously you could type a number in and that scale / offset / rotation would be (re)set for all the selected faces.
Steps To ReproducePress S to open the surface inspector and observe. If you select one face, you can input those texture parameters as numbers... if you select more than one face however, you can no longer type in a number to set that specific value on those faces.
Additional InformationI know this used to work in the past so it was likely changed recently. I'm hoping this is a bug and not an intentional change, and if it's the later that it can be rethought to bring back the ability of changing scale / offset / rotation on multiple faces at once.
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15.11.2020 20:01


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Screenshot_20201115_214828.png (57,293 bytes)   


16.11.2020 04:25

administrator   ~0012945

I just checked against DR 2.6.0 and this was not possible there neither. I do get the point about the use case, but are you sure this used to work in the past?


16.11.2020 04:47

reporter   ~0012946

I think so, but it's a vague memory at this point. I might also be confusing with NetRadiant (Xonotic's Radiant version) which is based on gtkRadiant too, it definitely allowed this years ago when I last used it. I think DR did too though.


16.11.2020 07:19

administrator   ~0012948

I went back the source history and the text entry boxes have been disabled for ages now. I think in GtkRadiant the entry boxes were enabled but empty, allowing to enter values.


16.11.2020 15:16

reporter   ~0012949

Okay. The last time I felt I saw that working was around 2016 when I first started using DR, but maybe I'm confusing and it wasn't enabled then either. Hopefully it can be fixed now in any case, so the user doesn't have to select a face / change its properties / deselect / repeat with the next face whenever they need to change the scale on a whole set of faces.


16.11.2020 19:05

administrator   ~0012950

The texture copy/paste methods using the MMB might be more effective here, maybe.


16.11.2020 19:54

reporter   ~0012951

I think it's still useful to just not gray out those fields so you can input a value and set it on all faces at once. I'm assuming it's a bug that it does this altogether, as I see no reason why it would disable the fields.

Different faces may have different scales / offsets / rotations of course, in which case the fields should show no value to indicate this. When inputting your own value still, that parameter should be set to your value on all those faces regardless what their past value was. IMO that's the desired functionality and IIRC how other Radiant forks work too.

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