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0005418The Dark ModAIpublic11.02.2024 13:23
ReporterMirceaKitsune Assigned To 
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Platformx64OSLinux openSUSEOS VersionRelease
Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0005418: path_sleep ignores the "wait" and "wait_max" spawnargs, AI immediately stands up after laying down
DescriptionWhen the AI reaches a path_sleep entity in a path circuit, they will lay down but immediately get back up. The "wait" and "wait_max" values are completely ignored.

They work just as intended on path_sit who's functionality path_sleep follows, so I'm assuming something is wrong with path_sleep specifically. I noticed this on two different maps with different AI types and completely new path circuits so it's likely not some obscure map error either.
Additional Informationpath_sleep is targeted by a path_corner and targets another path_corner. path_sleep has spawnargs "wait 10" and "wait_max 20".
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19.11.2020 07:15

reporter   ~0012990

Not a bug, wrong setup. Search for sleeping AI in TDM wiki.


19.11.2020 13:54

reporter   ~0012992

I had already looked at this page before opening the report: path_sleep is only referenced once here, no special specific notes.

I looked at the one you suggested too: It does seem to recommend targeting a path_wait with the path_sleep which I wasn't aware of.

This doesn't make a lot of sense to me still: If path_sit can directly use a "wait" and "wait_max" without having to target a path_wait, why is path_sleep different? It seems to be the same thing in terms of functionality, just that path_sleep has you lay down instead of sitting on a chair. So even if this isn't a bug like I initially thought, it still sounds like something might be out of order and good to look into... of course I don't know enough about the design to say this with certainty, opinions from other developers would be helpful here at this stage.


19.11.2020 14:40

reporter   ~0012993

Yup, there's a slight inconsistency, but that doesn't make it a bug. Path_waits and wait spawnargs might be worth discussing on TDM forums in terms of proposed feature or design change. You can use path_waits with path_sit and _sleep in the same way you use them with path_corners.


11.02.2024 04:42

reporter   ~0016503

I suggest changing status from "new" to "feedback".


11.02.2024 13:23

reporter   ~0016506

I vaguely remember what this was about, and I'd still agree with improving it if possible: path_sit allows you to set a waiting interval directly on the entity whereas path_sleep doesn't... I never saw a reason why one should support waiting but not the other as they're different variations of the same thing, it would make sense and be easier (one less entity needed) if waiting worked the same way on both.

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