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0005431DarkRadiantGUIpublic27.11.2020 12:09
ReporterBikerdude Assigned To 
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version2.7.0 
Summary0005431: Windows not properly repainted after resize
DescriptionIf you resize any of the child windows (layers, arbitrary transform, surface inspector), the contents of the windows get corrupted Instead of moving and resizing as normal when you resize the window .
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26.11.2020 21:18




27.11.2020 07:44

administrator   ~0013029

It appears this is a problem related to wxWidgets 3.1.3, since this is happening even in DarkRadiant 2.7.0.
In DR 2.6.0, which had been using wx 3.0.x, this problem is not occurring.


27.11.2020 11:24

reporter   ~0013032

Last edited: 27.11.2020 11:24

In previous versions of DR the issue would only 'crush' the UI elements from the side/edge of the window being moved, for example if resizing from the bottom. But As soon and you make the window larger e.g. by dragging said side/edge down the crushed elements would go back to the correct size.

This is not happening in 2.9.2pre1, the UI elements stay partially crushed or mangled. and the only fix is to fully reduce size down so its only showing the header and then open again, and even then this take a few attempts.

And a bit more troubleshooting is showing the issue only happens vertically, not horizontally.


27.11.2020 11:36

administrator   ~0013033

This is what DR 2.7.0 does on my system
dr_2.7.0_resize.gif (735,765 bytes)


27.11.2020 12:09

reporter   ~0013035

I am getting old as I dont remember 2.7 ever being that bad on my system. But sure enough its the same as in your gif -


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