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0005464The Dark ModPhysicspublic12.01.2021 04:24
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Summary0005464: TDM 2.08-2.09 beta 1: uncapped FPS causing weird player physics
DescriptionIf I have uncapped FPS enabled and max frame set to 400 two issues occur -

1. you wont reliable and consistently hear player footsteps while walking.
2. if the player jumps in the air they will hang there in the air for 0.5-1 seconds if the space key is kept pressed.

In you enable vsync or turn off uncapped FPS both of the above issues will resolve themselves.

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related to 0004493 resolvedduzenko Some physics events have changed in 2.05 due to faster fps 
child of 0004409 resolvedduzenko Add an option to lift the 60 fps lock 




26.12.2020 17:13

developer   ~0013266

Does this happen in 2.08?


26.12.2020 18:00

reporter   ~0013282

yes, will add that to the desctiption.

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