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0005464The Dark ModPhysicspublic16.08.2022 13:13
ReporterBikerdude Assigned Tonbohr1more  
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Target VersionTDM 2.11Fixed in VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005464: TDM 2.08-2.09 beta 1: uncapped FPS causing weird player physics
DescriptionIf I have uncapped FPS enabled and max frame set to 400 two issues occur -

1. you wont reliable and consistently hear player footsteps while walking.
2. if the player jumps in the air they will hang there in the air for 0.5-1 seconds if the space key is kept pressed.

In you enable vsync or turn off uncapped FPS both of the above issues will resolve themselves.

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related to 0004493 resolvedduzenko Some physics events have changed in 2.05 due to faster fps 
child of 0004409 resolvedduzenko Add an option to lift the 60 fps lock 




26.12.2020 17:13

developer   ~0013266

Does this happen in 2.08?


26.12.2020 18:00

reporter   ~0013282

yes, will add that to the desctiption.


06.08.2022 14:38

reporter   ~0015137

Update to this issue, Iv'e been told by Duzenko/Stgatilov not to have the FPS limit set to anything higher than 300. I can confirm this then fixes the issue.

It might be worth setting the max limit to 300 by default for 2.11.


07.08.2022 03:07

developer   ~0015140

Rev 16595

Altered the GUI to only offer 300 FPS as the highest value.


16.08.2022 12:22

developer   ~0015171

Well I was going to upgrade to a 360hz/480hz monitor next year :(


16.08.2022 12:59

reporter   ~0015172

@AluminumHaste, Jokes aside once you get above 144hz the average gamer isnt going to notice the difference. That and even once the 4090 hits retail your still not going to see high FPS coupled with resolution above 3440*1440p in the majority of AAA and even AA games.


16.08.2022 13:12

developer   ~0015173

Last edited: 16.08.2022 13:13

Oh for sure, those monitors are limited to 1080p, the current DP/HDMi standard can't even serve that much bandwidth without compression.
Going to need a new GPU just to use a 480hz display.
But, technology marches on, it always does. And in 10 years time, people with 1000hz displays are going to notice stuttering because games are capped.

Dumb question though, is there a way to just limit physics updates based on time instead of fps? Do we really need more than a certain amount of updates a second for physics? Can physics updates be capped at 5 ms? Or does checking time from last update cost too much?

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