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0005472DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic16.01.2021 16:56
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Summary0005472: Request to change grid from inches to centimeters (x2.54)
DescriptionWould it be possible to implement centimeter grid scale? I'm using Dark Radiant primarly for UE4, and I would like a more snapping values for my assets. It's hard to snap modules with inches back in UE4. So scaling it by 2.54 would be beneficial to my needs. What do you think?
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04.01.2021 01:59

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Isn't the DarkRadiant grid just numbers without units? If you draw a flat patch and snap it from -60 from 60, there's nothing telling us that the width is 120 centimeters or 120 feet. What's the workflow from DR to UE4? Is there a model export involved, or why are the units not working in UE4?


16.01.2021 16:56

developer   ~0013460

I agree with Greebo's comment. As far as I know there is no assumption by DarkRadiant that grid units represent inches, so I'm not sure what we could change that would make any difference here. This seems more like an issue with the model export workflow, either in the exporter plugin or the configuration of the initial scene.

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