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0005472DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic23.03.2021 12:47
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Summary0005472: Alternative grid increments like 1/10/100/250/500/1000
DescriptionSince I'm not mapping for Doom 3 alike, would it be possible to change sizes of grid? Instead of power of 2, i would like to have like 1/10/100/250/500/1000. Would it be possible to implement it?

greebo: Edited the title and the description, original description goes below. See discussion for details.
Would it be possible to implement centimeter grid scale? I'm using Dark Radiant primarly for UE4, and I would like a more snapping values for my assets. It's hard to snap modules with inches back in UE4. So scaling it by 2.54 would be beneficial to my needs. What do you think?
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04.01.2021 01:59

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Isn't the DarkRadiant grid just numbers without units? If you draw a flat patch and snap it from -60 from 60, there's nothing telling us that the width is 120 centimeters or 120 feet. What's the workflow from DR to UE4? Is there a model export involved, or why are the units not working in UE4?


16.01.2021 16:56

developer   ~0013460

I agree with Greebo's comment. As far as I know there is no assumption by DarkRadiant that grid units represent inches, so I'm not sure what we could change that would make any difference here. This seems more like an issue with the model export workflow, either in the exporter plugin or the configuration of the initial scene.


22.03.2021 16:27

reporter   ~0013800

I'm sorry for very late response.
Currently I'm on newest radiant and the scale seems 1:1, ie 100 unit object will export as 100cm, that's great.

However since I'm not mapping for Doom 3 alike, would it be possible to change sizes of grid? Instead of power of 2, i would like to have like 1/10/100/250/500/1000. Would it be possible to implement it?


23.03.2021 06:31

administrator   ~0013801

Something like this is possible, but I estimate this to be a quite some work, since the base-2 grid scale is pretty much burnt into the code. However, the Grid code is a module, so it should be technically possible to implement an alternative one working with a different scale instead of the current geometric, powers-of-two scale. Given the amount of work though, I'd say the chances of this getting done are rather slim, unless this turns out to be more than a rare use case.


23.03.2021 12:21

reporter   ~0013802

I would use it at all times. It would make designing easier, faster, now acetate and easier on eyes when building. Looking forward to it one day.


23.03.2021 12:45

administrator   ~0013803

Ok, I'll edit the request title, and leave this issue open for anyone to chime in.

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